Stylist/Merchandising Assistant
  • Wardrobe Stylist
  • Tailoring/Fitting Assistant
  • Client/Customer Assistant
  • Retail Assistant
  • Assistant to Manager


SewRob is looking for a hands-on and dynamic person to become a permanent asset of SewRob and its future growth.

SewRob is an apparel and tailoring design studio which encounters a number of different types of clients with a variety of needs in a single day. SewRob is a fast-paced, customer service, and production oriented operation.


A person with a fashion background is needed. You will not only be responsible for manipulating the fit of a garment to a customer’s specific body type, but also making styling and wardrobe suggestions, including in-house retail merchandise. Knowledge of garment construction and designer labels is mandatory, as well as an understanding of body shapes, proportions and silhouettes.


The skills required for this position include garment construction, customer service, pinning garments to show fit changes, merchandising, styling, invoicing, understand work flow, and sales. Some skills may be taught and improved upon; but passion for learning must be present.


Traits that a candidate will have include: energetic, happy, good-listener, focused, attentive, efficient, conscientious, always ready to move and extend a helping hand, self-motivating, always working towards improvement, good retention of information, always producing… SewRob’s capabilities are extensive and needs the same type of people within to branch to the next level.

The position is full time. Some weekend hours and travel between multiple locations will be required. Please submit your resume, along with your understanding of SewRob and how you can contribute to the growth of the business.