A Boutique Sales Associate is needed.

SewRob offers a unique opportunity for someone that loves fashion and working with people.

The uniqueness involves a wide spectrum of fashion exposure. From our in-house boutique, to constantly changing client merchandise, there is always something new and exciting to experience at SewRob.

We are a local design studio with a passionate, creative, hard-working, and dedicated group of individuals that are determined to rejuvenating the craft of sewing and making people feel good in their clothes.

The successful exposure of our tailoring operation, which started strictly by word-of-mouth testimonials, has allowed us to branch into the retail side of fashion. The retail division allows us to bring in exclusive designers and one-of-a-kind pieces to the Main Line, from all over the world.

Our clients come from far and wide to take advantage of our wide range of services and are delighted to also see merchandise that can enhance their everyday lives. From a day at the office, to a night out on the town, our styles do not disappoint. The garments’ care and functionality are extremely important and have been carefully considered during our buying process.

A boutique sales associate is needed in the handling, processing, displaying, and generating sales with the merchandise that fills the sales floor along with client’s merchandise that requires servicing. Part of the merchandise assistant duties will also include the day-to-day interactions with clients in the boutique, as well as the face-to-face and telecom interactions with clients for the service side.

Within the boutique’s down time, and our service departments peak seasons, you will be asked to perform other duties outside of a normal retail setting that gives this position another unique attribute.

Every employee of SewRob must have a general knowledge of how each department of SewRob works and will be asked to assist in skilled areas. Because you will be on the sales floor, you will have to be readily equipped to answer customer and client questions or be able to find and provide answers from more senior staff.

Because of the nature of this small business, in our day to day production environment, you will be asked to perform many tasks that are outside of your specialized focus. The tasks are to be learned, completed, retained, and communicated back to management within a reasonable time frame, without ever losing focus on your specialty. Our peak season volume, highly detailed work, and demanding clientele will force you to multi task at a very high level. However, focus on goals within your specialty must not be overlooked and a clear plan for accomplishment must be made, and communicated to management.


– Knowledgeable about all services and products to provide excellent customer service and increase sales

– Presents a professional, positive image that represents SewRob

– Operate the store consistently with the aligned company policies and procedures

– Safeguard the assets of the store

– Merchandise modeling will be required accompanying a generous discount

– Maintain retail floor in the clear, organized, and effective manner ensuring retail is always staged for maximum buyer impact

– Attention to detail: Retail is Detail

– Use the systems to perform the following tasks: routine register transactions, routine inventory receiving and transfers, and opening and closing of the registers and stores

– Provide and execute merchandising ideas, involving floor displays, store fixtures, advertising, promotions etc.

– Placing marketing materials and assembling fixtures to accommodate visual plans

– Move existing merchandise and replace with new merchandise on designated fixtures based on a set schedule

– Assisting merchandiser with placing purchase orders, tracking shipments, checking orders, tracking sales, and creating sales reports

– Ensuring that product meets our standards, and if the quality is not met, making the necessary corrective actions with vendors

– Assisting merchandiser/buyer with the generating and execution of markdowns

– Inventorying and storing of previous seasons merchandise

– Maintain the integrity of the inventory

– Data entry and maintaining product information in the merchandise systems

– Data entry for the development of online sales

– Photographing retail and service merchandise to showcase and market our products and capabilities. Photographs will be included in social media accounts for promotional purposes and in development of online sales

– Maintain social media accounts, including Facebook, Instagram, Google. Some minor web editing will be required based on proficiency

– Assisting merchandiser with making decisions on new styles and providing suggestions which may improve sales

– Attract and retain clients by consistently providing excellent customer service

– Develop a strong professional network

– Build a personal client database

– Seek guidance from merchandiser/buyer in all areas of responsibility

– Follow up on client phone calls and emails

– Organizing schedules for service client’s appointments for multiple locations

– Contribute to the success of all involved Departments

– Must be a proficient typist for retail department data entry and for the service side to generate invoices with the fitter/pinner via voice dictation

-Given the seasonal nature of the business, this position may require flexible, additional working hours during peak periods

– Some travel between locations will be required for transport of merchandise. Company vehicle may be provided for daily travel between store locations only

Full time is preferable, 35-40 hours per week. Part time, with the expectation of becoming full time, will be considered. The store hours are Monday through Friday, 9:00am to 5:00pm, and Saturday 9:00am to 4:00pm. Some Saturdays may be required.

Submit your resume and cover letter with interest.