Zipper Insertion - Before

Zipper Insertion - After

Does your favorite hand bag have a broken zipper?

Does your belt just need that extra hole?

Wouldn’t it be great to have a matching clutch for your dress?

Do you think your bag, belt, and jewelry are just as important as your outfit? So do we! We replace zippers, snaps, chains, rhinestones, beading and more. We can re-size your belt, shorten that bothersome strap on your purse, or add some sparkle to that boring clutch. We can also custom make accessories for that hard to find color. Let SewRob help you create your perfect look.

You can always send us your accessory for repair, just be sure to include our Repair Worksheet.

Custom Clutch Made From Skirt

Custom Roset Pin

Strap Replacement


Custom Additions to Backpack
Boot Zipper Replacement