Do you want your wedding gown to fit like it was made just for you?

Do you need your tuxedo to look perfect for the big day?

Do you need a bridesmaid dress hemmed or tapered?

We cater to all tailoring needs for the big day. We can tailor entire bridal parties or the bride or groom alone. All of the tailoring is on a Pay-As-You go basis. We do not charge flat rates for wedding gowns, tuxedos, or bridesmaid dresses. Estimates can be provided; but will require a fitting with the exact shoes and undergarments that will be worn. We must see how the garment fits on the body and the construction of the garment before any quotes will be provided. Wedding party appointments are available by special request only.


All first time wedding gown fittings are subject to a $75 consultation fee.

This is subject to change based on the length of the consultation/fitting. SewRob requires a $250 deposit for all wedding gowns, and to pay-as-you-go, for each fitting.

You must provide the wedding date and a brief description of the gown/work required before your appointment request will be considered.

Wedding gowns typically require a minimum of 4 fittings, with a minimum of 10 weeks.

SewRob requires you to have the exact shoes and undergarments for fitting before any work can proceed. Consider weight change when selecting your shoes/undergarments and when selecting a date for the initial consultation/fitting.

SewRob’s typical policy is to release the dress only 1 week before your wedding day, due to any possible weight change.

Book your initial fitting for your wedding gown at our Wynnewood or Wayne or King of Prussia locations.


For wedding gowns and bridesmaid dresses, we require a fitting with exact shoes, undergarments, and accessories that might contribute to the gown’s fit. We can also tailor undergarments, or offer suggestions on items that will help to achieve a certain look. Bust cups and shields are available upon request, and can be sewn into the dress if desired.

Tapering Bust Line

Wedding gown or bridesmaid gown hems:
For all gown hems, exact shoes are required for this process to start. It is very important for the bride or bridesmaid to consider the type of surface they will be walking on for the ceremony/reception. This has a huge impact on the hem length and needs to be discussed. We do offer bustling of the train if needed, however it is a good idea for brides to research the type of train or bustling look she is trying to achieve for herself or bridesmaids. It becomes more helpful during this stage if the bride knows what she likes/dislikes.

Fitting Shoulders and Neckline

For bridesmaids, it is important to get directions from the bride on how she would like the dress to look after tailoring. It is important information for us to have, especially when it comes to hemming cocktail length dresses or full length gowns.

Custom Wedding Dress – Front

Custom Wedding Dress – Back

All bridesmaid dresses and wedding gowns will receive basic steaming and pressing of any areas tailored free of charge. However, if the dress requires extensive pressing or steaming, an extra charge will be added. All dresses will be returned hung in the provided garment bag or in a white plastic bag. If the dress requires special packaging for travel or storage, an extra charge will be added. We do not clean wedding gowns or prepare them for storage, but our partner, Margaret’s, the Couture Cleaner does.

For tuxedos, we require a fitting with the exact shirt and shoes that will be worn. For groomsmen, it is important to get directions from the groom on how the outfit should look after tailoring. It is important information for us to have, especially when it comes to jacket sleeve hems and pant hems.

SewRob can even tailor flower girl’s dresses and ring bearer’s suits. Because children grow very fast, we ask for no tailoring to take place until at least 30 days before the wedding. We will try and preserve as much fabric as possible for future use.

Adding Lace Coverage


Wedding Tailoring Hemming