SewRob has very vast repair capabilities. We always try to find a solution for something that a client is trying to salvage as a result of some sort of damage. The future may look bleak for your item, but we can brainstorm to come up with a solution. Our motto is, “We can repair anything that fits under a sewing machine.”

Preserving the integrity of design is one of our highest standards. No matter how we decide to proceed with the repair, SewRob always tries to identically match all components of the original design including, precise thread color matching, replicating exactly the same stitch length used in production, and all the original seam finishing.

Using the best materials that yield to best result is very important to us. We conduct patching and fusing tests to see which selection will function properly for the end use of your product. We always try to keep in mind how the item would be cared for in the cleaning process to insure our repairs will stand up to the challenge. We can even introduce new fabrications to correct the problem.

From repairing or replacing zippers and linings, SewRob handles basic repairs but has a few specialized areas of expertise.