Let SewRob show you why we’ve been voted “Best Tailor on the Main Line” since 2004.

From small tweaks to full redesigns, SewRob’s tailoring service has you covered. We fit the garment to your body specifications so the end product looks like it was made just for you. Our passionate attention to detail is what sets the SewRob standard and what has made us stand out over the competition. Preserving the integrity of your garment’s design is one of our highest standards. We deconstruct your garment components, fit them to your specs, and reassemble them to look factory finished. SewRob always tries to identically match all components of the original design including, precise thread color matching, replicating exactly the same stitch length used in production, and all the original seam finishing. Original fabric preservation is extremely important to us. We try and save as much fabric as possible without jeopardizing the design or your garment. Body types change over the years, and we want to allow your garment to be able to change with you.

We offer tailoring for men, women, children, and yes even pets! SewRob is equipped to tailor both formal and casual wear, and caters to labels ranging from Old Navy to Chanel. Regardless of the label, it is important to factor in utility and end use of the garment when considering tailoring. This is important to determine the type of fit and budget that is appropriate. Our clients keep coming back because they know we will help them look their best, no matter the occasion.

A fitting with one of our pinning specialists is what gets the process started. From there, you will receive a detailed work order; including a due date and the particular operations your garment will undergo to achieve your objective. We always prefer you to fit your garments before you leave to make sure you are satisfied. If your schedule doesn’t permit, you arrange for someone else to pick up your order, or we ship your item (you have 21 days from the scheduled pick up date to make sure your garment fits just right). During this time period, we will make any necessary tweaks or corrections from the original work order free of charge. We ask for 1/2 of the total cost of your work order as a deposit. The remaining balance will be due on the due date.

It is always best to clean a garment before tailoring. Fabrics do shrink during the cleaning process and this could prevent fit problems in the future. Care instructions direct the way in which a garment should be cleaned, but also contribute to determining factors within the tailoring process. When tailoring, it is also important to consider the heel height that will be worn with the garment.