Have a favorite piece of clothing that you have worn to pieces (literally)?

Have a special occasion that just needs a one of a kind piece?

Feel like something is missing from your closet?

Look no further. SewRob’s custom making, Sew You, is your solution. From sweatpants to prom dresses, SewRob can create the piece you’ve been looking for.

We can recreate a piece you already own with our Garment Copy experience, where we duplicate a garment you already love, or we can develop a new garment made specifically for you from your own unique vision with our Your Design option. Let SewRob help you design exactly what you’re looking for.

The process starts by selecting which type of custom making fits your need. From there, we discuss price points, take measurements, and discuss fabric options. SewRob has a variety of high quality fabrics to choose from. Whether you are looking for a specific color or great texture, we can advise on the best fabrication for your end use. Next, we will develop a custom pattern based on your design. This pattern will be stored for the ability to replicate for years to come. After the pattern is drafted, a muslin is constructed. A muslin is a copy of your design, basted in a test fabric. All changes to fit and design will then take place and final production will begin.

SewRob’s custom garments are sewn with a professional factory finish. However, we try to preserve as much fabric as possible within the garment. Body types always change, so we try to make sure our garments can withstand the change as well and last through the years.

Custom Silk Shirt (Front)

Custom Silk Shirt (Back Close Up)

Custom Floral Shirt Dress
Custom Dress - Chanel Copy
Custom Dress Overlay