• 1. Enter your last name in the field below.
    • Your last name:
      **This will be used for the images naming convection – please no spaces
    • 2. Select the correct style of garment that is in need of repair from the links below.
      Use the outlines of the garment as a guide to highlight the areas that you would like repaired.
    • Please use the mouse (click and hold to draw) to indicate what areas of the garment need to be repaired.
    • 3. After you have highlighted the areas in need of repair, please use the link below and save the image to your computer.
    • Make sure that it is named accordingly: YourLastName-GarmentType-RepairSpec-date(yyyy/mm/dd).
      for example: Smith-Jeans-RepairSpec-20140121.png
      **do not use any illegal characters
    • When you reach the download prompt, the naming convention should not need to be changed unless you have forgotten to put in your last name. If it is missing, please replace “LastName” with your last name to the file name.


If you happen to make any mistakes, please select the “Start Over” button to begin again. Thank you.